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May. 26th, 2011

I have been away for the longest time... I miss LJ and being able to concentrate on a post more than the 10 seconds it takes to update my status on facebook, so I'm adding that to my to-do list and I will try to post updates on everything that has been going on.
As a sneak preview, I will just say I'm in the process of moving in with a boy (at least, my computer and makeup have already moved with me, which I guess is mostly all I need to survive :D) and I'm still studying and super busy. But I'm happy. And I miss you!

I will try to go bac and read some of my friends' pages, but point me in the direction of anything important I might miss!


My cousing brought the nieces to lunch today, they are getting bigger by the day! So cute! :)
With my cousins here, the house is full of kids and it's fun!

Will try to post pics later, but now I must find something to wear to my friend's cousin's christening for tonight! 

More family fun

I went out this afternoon with my parents and some friends and then I invited my parents to come and have a drink with my friend Maite, who is in town this weekend. It was warm and nice and we ended having a couple of beers and something to eat while we talked about our futures with my parents.
Whn they headed home we went to have another drink and stumbled upon my brother and Esti, with whom we ended having dinner and chatting for a while.
we got some time to ourselves too, making plans about a trip with our moms and other silly stuff. I'm meeting her again on Sunday, so we get bus tickets to go back to Madrid on Monday, since I'll be staying at her place when I go there for my exam.

All in all, a nice evening :)


Nov. 25th, 2008

I wonder where is the line between being sad because of certain events in life and being depressed.
I spent the day at home, yesterday, watching Numb3rs episodes while I tried to work on an exercise. I tried to work without the series, to be less distracted, but I couldn't face the silence.
I talk to my mom about that and how I'm considering going back to Madrid for the second term and she got mad at me. Anytime I try, I feel weak for not being able to cope with things and all I get are lectures about people in other terrible situations that found a way to deal with htem and be okay. Geez, that makes me feel great, mom!
I know I'm sad about the breakup, but the fact is that one of the main reasons for the boy to dump me was that I was making his life hell by my constant need of attention, reassurance and mood swings. And then, there's this little voice in my mind that keeps thinking "'What if I got well enough to be functional again and not hurt everyone around me...?"
The things is, I think I'm depressed. I have pretty good days (even amazing ones), but the second I'm alone, I have trouble breathing and seeing things clearly. Sometimes, also when I'm around people. I can't concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes and I have been not studying. And I can't be like that, so there has to be something wrong with me. Something that, hopefully, should be able to be fixed, but I don't know how to or if I can, alone.

All this is not helped by my last talk with the boy, who says he misses me and loves me and wants me, but... either not the same way as I want him to, specially because I'm far away... Gack. That boy is gonna get serious brain damage when I get to him :D

I passed QM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't expect this even in my wildest dreams but I have passed the four exams I did in February. 

*happy happy happy dance*

Which makes me even more angry for not being able to take the boy on holidays, grrrrrrrrrrrrr 

But still... joing the happy dance!!!


I've lost my motivation and can't be bothered to study. Everytime I look at the book and I get the feeling that it is completely useless as I am going to fail anyway... :(

On better news, we had a fun pizza & movie night yesterday, so at least I kept myself distracted


How can someone need 1 hour in the bathroom just about every morning??? What is she doing in there? I woke up 1 hour ago and I've had time to whinge in my journal, catch up on my f-list, make coffee, have cereal for breaky, check BC forums, tidy up my room and get my stuff ready for uni and SHE IS STILL IN THERE!!!
As someone who is in and out the shower in 5 minutes and ready to go in 10, Clare amazes me, LOL!


I'm planning my trip to Italy for the end of March instead of studying Mechanics.
My parents will be home in less than 2 hours, but I managed not to make too much mess while they were gone, so that won't take long and I even planned lunch :)

This is starting to look good

A classmate just texted me to tell that I got 7/7 points on my Atmospherical Physics test from a couple of weeks ago! That means 1 extra point on my final grade, woot!!!

*does happy dance*


Dec. 12th, 2006

3 hours until I leave for class, about 40% of the exercise completed (although it doesn't look too good).
Just thought someone migth want to know ;D